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London & Manchester - Emergency Disaster Funds disregarded!

Good morning DWP has just recently circulated Circular HB A8-2017 to all Local authorities administering Housing Benefits. The purpose of the circular is to explain, to all Housing Benefit “Decision Makers”, that any emergency funds, paid to the victims (and dependants) of the recent terrorist attacks in London & Manchester should…

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Universal Credit Full Service expansion goes ahead!

Good morning Neil Couling, Director General, Universal Credit Programme, wrote to Local Authority Chief Executives, last week, to confirm the Universal Credit “Full Service” (UCFS) rollout will expand to 134 Jobcentre areas, between October and December 2017 (Important – read here). This will, in effect; double the areas affected; the…

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Universal Credit - New important guidance issued!

Good morning DWP hierarchy have just issued an updated version of its “Universal Credit – Guidance for Landlords” which you’ll find in the following link Much of the information has already been circulated in earlier editions, however, I’ve identified below, some links, with new information, which should be of…

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LHA capping to create £22M rent affordability gap in Scotland!

Good morning The Scottish Government and CIH Scotland have just published a brief report focused on the very real threat posed by central government’s proposals to cap Housing Benefit and/or the “housing element” of Universal Credit to LHA rates from April 2019. Amongst other things, it suggests 21,000 young Scots…

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