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SRS Court actions for rent arrears recovery rises by 24%!

Good afternoon Shelter Scotland has just published a report Evictions by Social Landlords in Scotland 2012-16 which, amongst other things, confirms there has been an increase in SRS sector evictions (Councils & Housing Associations) and points to the fact, the majority of recovery actions are being pursued, in response to rent…

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Direct Payments 'Exceptions' confirmed!

Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform, announced at yesterday’s Chartered Institute of Housing conference, ( the Government was anxious to work in collaboration with Social Landlords to protect tenants from the vagaries of rent arrears and safeguard Landlords’ cash-flows. He said, ‘The key to making direct payments work will be…

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Universal Credit - April, 2017 notification of rent increases

Good afternoon As I’m sure you’re aware, we are fast approaching the 31st March 2017 deadline set by the DWP to report any April, 2017 rent increases, applicable to tenants of yours, living in areas designated “LIVE” for Universal Credit purposes. Ordinarily the obligation to report any change in circumstances,…

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Universal Credit - Scottish Government flexibilities explained!

Good afternoon As you may already know, the Scottish Government, in the past week, published the Universal Credit (Claims & Payment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 – SI No. 227. You’ll find the legislation here: The regulations are designed to bring to life, the Scottish Government’s longstanding commitment to: Introduce choice…

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DWP attempts to withdraw Landlord Managed Payments thwarted!

Good morning One of our Housing Association clients alerted me to a problem relating to the payment of Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs). Specifically, their local authority had stopped paying DHPs where its tenants had their “housing element” redirected to their landlord. After some investigation, I discovered the problem could be…

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Landlord wins Housing Benefit Overpayment appeal at Upper-tier level!

Good morning Around £1 Billion of Housing Benefit Overpayments are identified as recoverable every year and, at any time, around £2 Billion remains outstanding despite the recovery efforts of councils. DWP provides guidance and subsidy incentives to councils, encouraging recovery from those considered culpable. Currently, local councils receive a subsidy…

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