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DWP attempts to withdraw Landlord Managed Payments thwarted!

Good morning One of our Housing Association clients alerted me to a problem relating to the payment of Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs). Specifically, their local authority had stopped paying DHPs where its tenants had their “housing element” redirected to their landlord. After some investigation, I discovered the problem could be…

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Landlord wins Housing Benefit Overpayment appeal at Upper-tier level!

Good morning Around £1 Billion of Housing Benefit Overpayments are identified as recoverable every year and, at any time, around £2 Billion remains outstanding despite the recovery efforts of councils. DWP provides guidance and subsidy incentives to councils, encouraging recovery from those considered culpable. Currently, local councils receive a subsidy…

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Universal Credit Freephone numbers now operating!

Good afternoon DWP has just confirmed its Universal Credit Freephone service has been available since 29th November 2017. You’ll, no doubt, recall the move was prompted by demands from claimants, their advisors, MPs etc. that the service should be made a free service as tenants were experiencing very high costs,…

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DWP launches Supported Accommodation Consultation!

Good morning, DWP Ministers launched a consultation yesterday, focused on the future design and funding of Supported Accommodation. In its introduction, the document, which you can find here>>>, explains its purpose: “This consultation seeks views on the design of the Government’s new housing costs funding model for supported housing, as…

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DWP Rollout expansion - High Importance!

Good afternoon, DWP, just this morning, released details on the next stage in the “digital” or “full service” rollout, identifying each of the Jobcentre areas, planned to progress to the full blown service, between now and September, 2018. The announcement, puts to bed any remaining doubts, the rollout was being further delayed of…

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