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In response to a number of members’ enquiries, about Managed Migration and Transitional Payments, I can confirm, I do plan to deliver some training, covering this most complicated part of the process, but not until later this autumn, by which time, DWP should have published details of its planned approach and associated timescales.

As I’m sure most of you will be aware, DWP started the process of “Move to Universal Credit” or “Managed Migration” on Monday 9 May 2022, with around 500 “legacy benefit” (i.e., JSA, ESA, Tax Credits, Housing Benefit) cases being “notified” they MUST claim Universal Credit and give up, in the process, their existing legacy awards, including housing benefit.

Between now and December 2024, DWP expects the remaining 2.6 million claimants, relying on legacy benefits will transfer either through:

  1. Voluntary migration, believing they may be better off receiving UC.
  2. Natural migration, due to a change in their personal circumstances e.g., become unemployed; start submitting medical certificates, suggesting they’re unfit for work; move to a new council district; take on a tenancy and need assistance with their “housing costs” leading to their current claims ending to be replaced by UC.
  3. Managed migration (MM) following receipt of a MM Notice instructing them to claim Universal Credit with an initial target date, within 3 months of receiving their MM notice and bring an end to their legacy claims.

During this process, DWP expects around 1.4M (55%) of the legacy claimants to gain financially; an estimated 300,000 are likely to see no change in their overall level of award; and approximately 900,000 households (35%) can expect to receive a lower entitlement from UC. However, in the case of the latter, a Transitional Protection Scheme (TPS) should apply to cover any loss, at least for some period after the move. As the title suggests, these payments are not permanent additions.

Important to note, TPS can be awarded, in addition to any potential entitlelments to the 2 week run-ons in respect of HB and their current legacy claim (i.e., JSA, ESA, Income Support etc).

DWP has yet to provide details on exactly how & when they’re likely to advise “Managed Migration” tenants of their selection. Based on the cautious approach, currently being adopted, I expect most of the moves won’t commence until the start of 2023, but I can’t be certain. DWP’s Director General has so far resisted my attempts to secure further details but, I’m sure, he will relent in due course, when I’ll update you.

Making the move to Universal Credit is not straightforward and is something many tenants, especially those on ESA or who are currently receiving disability premiums, will not relish, and may try to resist the move, mistakenly believing they can remain on their legacy benefit. Others might need advice on whether they should volunteer to move, because it may attract some immediate financial reward or have received a MM Notice and need your advice and support through the process, especially regarding securing TPs and Run-ons.

For that reason, I’m planning a series of “Managed Migration” workshops, probably starting in September/October. These will be advertised some weeks in advance, but places will be limited, as I propose using Zoom or Teams to deliver the sessions. However, if there’s an appetite for face-2-face sessions, by that time, I will create a few morning or afternoons sessions and will also be happy to discuss with organisations, any desire they may have for in-house, Zoom or F2F sessions.

The sessions will cover:

  1. What’s meant by Voluntary, Natural and Managed Migration
  2. An explanation of when one or other might be applied
  3. Highlight the likely “gainers” and “losers”
  4. How & when MM Notices will be issued; what’s meant by the “initial” and “final” deadline dates.
  5. How Transitional Protection will be calculated; how long it’s likely to last; and how it can prematurely be withdrawn in certain circumstances.
  6. How to ensure Run-ons are awarded for both HB and other legacy awards.

If you’re interested in attending any of our marketed sessions in September/October 2022 or would prefer a face-2-face or in-house sessions, drop me a note or phone 07733 080 389 and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.


Bill Irvine

UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd