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DWP launches Supported Accommodation Consultation!

Good morning, DWP Ministers launched a consultation yesterday, focused on the future design and funding of Supported Accommodation. In its introduction, the document, which you can find here>>>, explains its purpose: “This consultation seeks views on the design of the Government’s new housing costs funding model for supported housing, as…

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DWP Rollout expansion - High Importance!

Good afternoon, DWP, just this morning, released details on the next stage in the “digital” or “full service” rollout, identifying each of the Jobcentre areas, planned to progress to the full blown service, between now and September, 2018. The announcement, puts to bed any remaining doubts, the rollout was being further delayed of…

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DWP expansion by claimant type and area!

Good morning, DWP has just released its latest statistics on the rollout, including figures up to 13th October, 2016. You can view the report here: I’ve summarised some of the key factors for you below: * Todate there has been 804,257 claims been received since its launch in April, 2013.…

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Benefits Cap implementation 7th November, 2016

Good morning, You may recall an earlier bulletin—new-benefits-cap-letters-being-issued-september explaining how the lowered levels of Benefits Cap would apply. New regulations permit its implementation from 7th November, 2016 but, although the process starts on this date, some areas will not be affected until later, due to the staggered approach being adopted.…

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New Rent Verification process announced by DWP

Good morning, With effect from 3rd October 2016, DWP has introduced a new process, in all “Live” as opposed to “Full Service” areas, to verify details of rent liability, where the claimant fails to provide sufficient information when submitting their claim or, at a later date, when they move into…

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Universal Credit's key features explained from an Income Management perspective!

Good morning, If you exmine the link you’ll find details of the above course which we’re running in Edinburgh on 28th September and London on 4th October, 2016. Both events have already attracted sufficent interest to allow us to confirm they will definitely go ahead; mainly due to the high demand…

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