DWP has created helpful information on its website to assist staff engaged in the process of migrating legacy benefit recipients to Universal Credit. It also compliments the information I’ve previously provided in earlier website bulletins

How is it designed to operate?

The process by which a legacy benefit claimant moves to Universal Credit under the Managed Migration (MM) route is:

*DWP begins the process by sending a migration notice (MN), which intimates a date when the legacy benefit or tax credit award ends, called the ‘migration day ‘and invites the claimant (‘notified person’) and any partner, to make their Universal Credit claim(s).

*Claimants are also given a ‘deadline day’. This must be, at least, three months and one day from the date of the MN. There is scope to extend the deadline date where the “notified person” or their partner, have good reason, i.e. they are unwell, in hospital, prison, undergoing treatment, or require assistance to make their claim.

*Claimants receive reminder notices, 7 & 10 weeks after the MN to prompt them to make their claim by the deadline day. Those that comply also secure a 2-week run-on of their personal legacy benefit (e.g. JSA, Income Support) and Housing Benefit. Whereas those that fail to adhere to DWP’s directions, could find themselves denied any Transitional Protection they might otherwise have received to offset any monetary loss they may experience by making the transition.

*DWP claim support is available in the form of a dedicated helpline (managed by Citizens Advice) plus claimants can access online guidance. Although better than nothing, it’s significantly inferior to the advice & assistance offered by Welfare Benefit advisors and Financial Inclusion staff.

*Anyone who does not claim by their extended deadline, will lose both their legacy award and potential Universal Credit entitlement. Worryingly, around 20% of notified persons have failed to make UC claims and experienced gaps in entitlement.

When will the MN be issued to affected tenants?

We can now confirm Tax Credit claimants who also have a Housing Benefit award, have already experienced MM Notices dropping through their letterboxes, from 9th April 2024

From 9th April 2024

Income Support claimants will receive theirs, including those with:
– Income Support only
– Income Support with Housing Benefit
– Income Support with Tax credits
– Income Support with Housing Benefit and Tax credits.

Housing Benefit claimants will be notified by DWP from June 2024

Income-related Employment Support Allowance with Child Tax credits, from July 2024

Income-based Jobseekers Allowance from September 2024

It’s still the case, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) only and ESA with Housing Benefit claimants’ transition will be delayed, under MM, until 2028 and will be notified some time nearer that date.

CPAG warning!

Child Poverty Action Group has been heavily involved in monitoring the impact on claimants at each phase of the MM process, and has just commented:

“Managed migration is about to expand to DWP legacy benefit claimants – a much more vulnerable cohort – and a process that works for ‘most’ people will not be sufficient. The stakes are much higher for these claimants as benefits will be their primary, often sole, source of income. Those who do not successfully move to UC may find themselves without any financial support at all – at risk of destitution or threatened with homelessness.”

You can access DWP’s detailed briefing notes which come in two parts:

  1. Move to Managed Migration 
  2. How and when you need to apply

If you require any further information, on this or any other UC or HB topic, please get in touch bill@ucadvice.co.uk or by phoning 07733 080 389.


Bill Irvine

UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd