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Universal Credit - Changes to Working Allowance

Good morning, When Universal Credit was first unveiled, one of its key objectives was to “make work pay”. In other words, claimants would be duly incentivised to work by being allowed to earn, a fixed sum, without their benefits being docked, £ for £. Initially, there was some truth to…

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Benefits Cap changes - affected tenants being notified!

Good morning, The DWP has started the process of identifying and notifying tenants likely to be adversely affected by the reduction in Benefits Cap threshholds. For a full briefing look here Those affected should receive a letter from the DWP, sometime between 24 May and 10 June, 2016. The letter…

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Universal Credit- Its component parts explained!

Good morning, Given all the recent changes affecting Universal Credit we’ve updated our introductory pack which members have used when compiling briefings and leaflets for staff, committee members and tenant forums. It should be especially helpful to new staff, members and those who offer advice and support to tenants and/or…

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DWP confirm new e-mail notification procedure now live!

Good morning, You will recall, I wrote to you—dwp-deadline-extended-for-your-dedicated-e-mail-address explaining DWP’s plans to implement a new e-mail procedure, designed to improve the speed and reliability of the 7 day “Notification letter of an award of Universal Credit”. This positive change was introduced, due to social landlord demands for improvements…

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Can DWP reduce Third Party rent arrears deductions?

Good morning, I recently responded to a question, posed by a website member on our “discussion forum”, which concerns the amount of “Third Party Deductions” (TPDs) that can be deducted in respect of rent arrears and whether, in cases of multiple deductions, where there exists related concerns over tenant hardship…

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Universal Credit has a host of serious flaws!

Good afternoon, The “Independent” ran an article the other day “The Government’s Universal Credit welfare reform has serious flaws”, which attracted considerable social media attention and comment. It’s perhaps unsurprising, given it highlighted the individual and mass effect of HMG, through George Osborne, reducing and withdrawing “work allowances” especially for…

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