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Universal Credit - How to complain effectively!

Good afternoon,

Our 30th July bulletin—how-to-pursue-queries-complaints explained how you could raise queries and make complaints to DWP, concerning Universal Credit administration processes, where problems of delays or non-payment of Landlord Managed Payments (LMPs) or Third Party Payments (collectively known as APAs) occur. We continue to press DWP hierarchy to improve the…

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Announcement on Supported Accommodation imminent!

Good afternoon

Inside Housing reported the other day comments made by Marcus Jones, Minister at DCLG, suggesting we won’t have much longer to wait to discover the Government’s final blue-print in relation to Supported Accommodation funding. Apparently, he was speaking at a debate, focused on the Government’s original proposals to…

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London & Manchester - Emergency Disaster Funds disregarded!

Good morning

DWP has just recently circulated Circular HB A8-2017 to all Local authorities administering Housing Benefits.

The purpose of the circular is to explain, to all Housing Benefit “Decision Makers”, that any emergency funds, paid to the victims (and dependants) of the recent terrorist attacks in London & Manchester should…

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Universal Credit - New important guidance issued!

Good morning

DWP hierarchy have just issued an updated version of its “Universal Credit – Guidance for Landlords” which you’ll find in the following link

Much of the information has already been circulated in earlier editions, however, I’ve identified below, some links, with new information, which should be…

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