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Our 16th May bulletin explained how DWP had resumed its programme of moving “legacy benefit” recipients onto Universal Credit. Starting, firstly in Harrow and Bolton areas, it planned to develop further afield, in expectation, the migration process, of the remaining 2.6 million claimants, would complete by December 2024.

Last week, it announced plans to expand into Northumberland, starting mid-September 2022. During what it calls its “discovery phase”, it intends sending Migration Notices to claimants on legacy benefits, advising they need to move across to Universal Credit, within 3 months of their migration notice date. The Notice will explain what’s needed to complete the exercise.

As part of this process, each claimant will have their entitlement to Universal Credit compared to their legacy benefit award. Some will find they’re better off financially. While others, around 1 million, are expected to lose. But where there’s a difference, that would create financial loss, this will be covered by Transitional Protection until, at least, their entitlement, naturally changes, through, amongst others, annual events e.g., rent increase, earnings or other unearned income increases, people leaving household.

DWP has set up a dedicated helpline, which is referred to in the Migration Notice. This will provide support for people making their Universal Credit claim, for the first time. Guidance will also be available online including “Understanding Universal Credit” DWP also suggests local jobcentre staff will be available if you make an appointment.

We’ll be discussing this topic, in much greater detail, with delegates already signed up for the Glasgow and Edinburgh training events, advertised recently. Glasgow is now closed to new applications, whereas, Edinburgh still has a number of places left, after we rescheduled to 1st November. More details of this can be found here. 

I also plan to arrange some half-day events, for both social and private landlords, covering “Move to Universal Credit” in December or early 2023. Look out for more details shortly.

As always, you can contact me via email or by phone 07733 080 389 if you need advice on any Housing benefit or Universal Credit topic.



Bill Irvine