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  1. Question from SRS Manager

I have a query regarding the current situation with Coronavirus and self-isolation.

We have a tenant who has been advised to self-isolate for 4 weeks but may extend to 12 due to underlying health issues.  He has been, until yesterday, in full time employment.

I am assuming he will receive SSP from day one of self-isolation and assume he will have to apply for UC in order to cover any housing costs. I am unsure if he would be entitled to work allowance as he has been employed prior to this situation. If you can advise me if I am correct (or not), I would appreciate it.



You’re quite correct.

Based on what you’ve stated, he should, assuming he’s previously earned enough, qualify for SSP from the first day of self-isolation if this is on or after 13th March.

You’re also right in saying he needs to apply for UC to cover any housing costs.

As a single man, 25 + his Standard Allowance would be £317.82 monthly (until April when it increases by £1004 per year or £83.67pcm).

In addition, as an SRS tenant he would qualify for his “housing costs” including eligible rent, less any under-occupation penalty (bedroom tax) if that was appropriate.

If he was a PRS tenant, the rate of his “housing costs” would be dictated by age – (35+) would be paid 1 bed rate of LHA – otherwise, unless he fell into one of “excepted” group, he would receive shared rate.

How much income could he expect?

Assuming he’s 35+ an SRS tenant, with £500 pcm rent charge for 1 bed property, he could expect to receive £817.82 – Less his SSP amount and maybe a very small adjustment if his “earnings” including SSP proved higher than “work allowance”. Obviously, if his rent is higher or lower than the amount in my example, you need to adjust accordingly.

If he was a PRS tenant his “eligible rent” would be determined by comparing his £500 pcm rental charge with the LHA rate for the area, with the lower of the two applying. From April, the 30th percentile rate is being restored, reducing in many cases the need for the tenant to top-up using his daily living Standard Allowance. Otherwise the calculation is very similar to the one above.

I hope this helps.

Bill Irvine

UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd