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Claims and payments regulations for Universal Credit 2013

These regulations provide for, amongst other things: How and when to make a claim for UC; Effective date of claim; Time within which a claim needs to be completed; Evidence required to support a claim; Payment arrangements, including payment to Third Parties (APAs etc); Withdrawal of claim; How and when…

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JSA - Mandatory Job-search attendance - 35 hours per week!

The Government has announced yet another trial project, this time focused on the long term unemployed and those that need specialist help when seeking work. In return for receiving their benefit, some Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants will be required to undertake supervised jobsearch activity. Under the trials, due to commence in…

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Lord Freud - Speaking at IRRV Conference - 2nd October 2013

Lord Freud was speaking yesterday at the IRRV’s annual benefits & revenues conference, which is always well attended by council delegates from all parts of the UK. His full speech can be found at He really says nothing we haven’t already heard. Basically, he applauds councils for the cooperation…

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