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Annual uprating of rent charges - DWP update!

My 10th February bulletin mentioned DWP was still deliberating on how best to handle the annual up-rating of rents exercise, in the Social Rented Sector, but hoped to confirm its position by 21st February. Regrettably, its position remains unsettled but it has made the following statement:

“At the…

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Private Landlords accessing UC housing costs

DWP has only recently published its latest
newsletter addressed to social & private landlords. You can find it here:

I have extracted some elements, which should be of particular
interest and assistance to private landlords, engaged in providing
accommodation to tenants, currently relying on LHA,…

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DWP's "untidy tenancies" and impact on "housing costs element"

Good Morning

DWP’s latest Landlord newsletter refers to “untidy tenancies” and explains how, in some cases, DWP’s “Decision Maker” may exercise discretion, regarding the amount of “housing costs element” allowed in cases of separation etc. to permit a joint tenant to be able to meet the contractual rent and remain…

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Further news on Severe Disability Premium and compensation scheme

Good afternoon

My 15th January bulletin explained how the Government had introduced a new “Gateway” provision, effective from 16th January 2019, preventing anyone with a Severe Disability Premium (SDP) entitlement, from claiming Universal Credit, before the “Managed Migration” process started in mid to late 2020. This move was…

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Universal Credit - Rent Increase Exercise

As we fast approach the annual up-rating of rental charges in the Social Rented Sector (Scotland), regrettably DWP is still deliberating on what information it intends to provide to those landlords, ready to assist tenants through the process, fearing, if they don’t, some of their more vulnerable tenants will either…

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New Universal Credit website launch!

Good afternoon

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new website the only site, relating to Universal Credit, Housing Benefit & LHA, dedicated to Social & Private Landlords and their agents.

As an ex Head of Housing (Benefits, Revenues & Advice Services) & Goverment Advisor on…

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Mixed Aged Couples - Pension or Universal Credit?

Good morning

With Parliamentarians and the media, fully focused on the Commons Brexit vote, Guy Opperman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions & Financial Inclusion, decided it was the ideal time to make a written statement on the Government’s future plans in relation to the way mixed age couples…

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