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How to apply for an Advance Payment

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If your tenant claims Universal Credit, they will not be paid any money until 5 weeks after they submit their claim, and will be paid monthly thereafter.

They can ask for an advance payment of Universal Credit if they’re in financial hardship while they wait for their first…

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Can DWP waive recovery of an overpayment?

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In recent weeks, there’s been considerable Parliamentary scrutiny of the number of Overpayment debts that are being recovered from UC claimants’ monthly entitlement, leaving, in some cases, less than 60% of their Standard Allowance (e.g. single claimant over 25 – £180 pcm) to sustain themselves, during the month,…

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Annual uprating of rent charges - DWP update!

My 10th February bulletin mentioned DWP was still deliberating on how best to handle the annual up-rating of rents exercise, in the Social Rented Sector, but hoped to confirm its position by 21st February. Regrettably, its position remains unsettled but it has made the following statement:

“At the…

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Private Landlords accessing UC housing costs

DWP has only recently published its latest
newsletter addressed to social & private landlords. You can find it here:

I have extracted some elements, which should be of particular
interest and assistance to private landlords, engaged in providing
accommodation to tenants, currently relying on LHA,…

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