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Rent Arrears rise in Wales - Universal Credit to blame!

In Flintshire, north Wales, one of the first counties to test the new payment, the council says rent arrears have gone up by £1m.

One claimant there said a mistake left him with just £29 a month to live on.

But the UK government said it had listened to concerns…

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Universal Credit - 'Hits students harder'

Students who claim universal credit are being hit harder by reductions than people who are in work, according to the NUS.

Under universal credit, for every £1 that someone earns through work, they will see 63p deducted from their monthly payments.

However, for students, their loans and grants are…

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Universal Credit Full Service rolls out in Edinburgh

The controversial Universal Credit benefit system is being rolled out across Edinburgh.

Food-banks say they are preparing for increased demand, as those being moved to the new system can expect a five weeks wait for their first payment.

An estimated 10,500 local council tenants are expected to be moved…

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Universal Credit - UT Decision CUC-2385-2016

Upper-tier Decision CUC-2385-2016


1. The principal issue on this appeal is whether a room must be capable of accommodating a bedside table and separate clothes storage furniture in order to be considered a bedroom for the purposes of housing benefit and universal credit under-occupancy legislation. This might seem…

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