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Universal Credit - Rent Increase Exercise

As we fast approach the annual up-rating of rental charges in the Social Rented Sector (Scotland), regrettably DWP is still deliberating on what information it intends to provide to those landlords, ready to assist tenants through the process, fearing, if they don’t, some of their more vulnerable tenants will either…

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New Universal Credit website launch!

Good afternoon I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new website the only site, relating to Universal Credit, Housing Benefit & LHA, dedicated to Social & Private Landlords and their agents. As an ex Head of Housing (Benefits, Revenues & Advice Services) & Goverment Advisor on Housing Benefit, with…

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House of Commons Briefing Paper - Universal Credit

This paper explains the key differences between assistance with housing costs under the Housing Benefit regime and under Universal Credit (UC). The paper also considers evidence of the impact of claiming housing costs under UC to date and the Government’s response….

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Introduction of Severe Disability Premium (SDP) Gateway!

Good morning Our 14th January 2019 bulletin highlighted the publication of the Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) (SP Gateway) Amendment Regulations 2019. Amongst other things, these regulations, effective from 16th January, 2019 provide that NO claim for Universal Credit (UC) can be made by any of your tenants who are entitled to, or…

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Mixed Aged Couples - Pension or Universal Credit?

Good morning With Parliamentarians and the media, fully focused on the Commons Brexit vote, Guy Opperman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions & Financial Inclusion, decided it was the ideal time to make a written statement on the Government’s future plans in relation to the way mixed age couples…

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Ministerial update on next steps of the Full Service Rollout!

In the past week there’s been a flurry of activity and media coverage, relating to the proposed rollout of Universal Credit and some associated measures. I covered some of these issues in an earlier bulletin, suggesting the previous Secretary of State had caused some confusion. It would appear DWP and…

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Rent Arrears rise in Wales - Universal Credit to blame!

In Flintshire, north Wales, one of the first counties to test the new payment, the council says rent arrears have gone up by £1m. One claimant there said a mistake left him with just £29 a month to live on. But the UK government said it had listened to concerns…

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Working mothers win Judicial Review action - Universal Credit

Four working mothers, supported by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Leigh Day Solicitors, defeat DWP in a Judicial Review hearing, relating to the treatment of their earnings in the assessment of their Universal Credit award. At paragraph 68 of the judgement it concludes: “On a proper interpretation of regulation…

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