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I’m delighted to advise you of our latest course, which we hope to deliver both in Glasgow and Edinburgh (click link for details) on 21st February and 6th March respectively.

The course, like most we run, focuses on Universal Credit from both tenant & landlord perspective. Many tenants struggle with the process of claiming & maintaining their Universal Credit claims, including the housing costs element. DWP is increasingly demanding; seeking evidence to validate the legitimacy of the award, especially, in relation to the “housing costs element”, which oftentimes represents more than 50% of the overall award. This more intensive approach, causes 20% of new claims to be prematurely cancelled, immediately causing rent arrears.

Since COVID restrictions were lifted, DWP has been applying an “Enhanced Review” approach, designed to tackle fraud & overpayments in the system. In 2021/22 overpayments amounted to £6.5 Billion (14% of UC’s overall spend). In the process of doing so, tenants are required to effectively revalidate their claims, and often fail one or more of the tests posed. When that happens, awards are suspended or cancelled unnecessarily by DWP. The staff doing so, rarely appreciate the impact this can have on tenancy sustainment. Handled correctly, most of the gaps, unnecessarily created, can be successfully challenged, avoiding the prospect of arrears, and associated legal action that would follow.

Attendees by the end of the session should have a better understanding of the claims & payment process; knowing how best to assist tenants, maintain their online claim; report changes in circumstances, via journal; respond to DWP demands for evidence; avoid delays, suspensions, cancellations, payment problems, disputes & appeals; all of which help to minimise the potential for rent arrears accruing.

The course has been specifically developed for frontline staff, charged with assisting tenants in this challenging environment, to maximise entitlement, minimise & resolve problems and avoid the need for repossession and debt recovery action.

If you require further information on the course or would like to run the session on your own premises, maybe in conjunction with a neighbouring organisation, please get in touch by contacting or or phone 07733 080 389.


Bill Irvine

UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd

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