These regulations relate to the extension of the “Managed Migration” of Full Service, firstly, as a pilot exercise starting in July 2019. Cases will be limited to 10,000. Expectation is, DWP will use the pilot to assess its readiness for full blown migration, affecting a further 3 million UC claimants. On completion of pilot, DWP will again seek the permission of Parliament before proceeding with all remaining cases. By December 2023 around 7 million households will be claiming Universal Credit.

The regulations also provide for a “Gateway” preventing Severe Disability Premium recipients from transferring to UC at this stage, effectively extending their entitlement to legacy awards.

Transitional Protection is also provided for those legacy claimants forced to claim UC and who would otherwise find themselves worse off under UC.

Protection is also extended through these regulations to current UC claimants who transitioned before the Gateway was introduced and who have lost substantial sums in the process. DWP will need to, in each case, assess the amount of ongoing TP, plus backdate to the date of their first UC award.

You will find the regulations here