Good afternoon

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new website the only site, relating to Universal Credit, Housing Benefit & LHA, dedicated to Social & Private Landlords and their agents.

As an ex Head of Housing (Benefits, Revenues & Advice Services) & Goverment Advisor on Housing Benefit, with 30+ years of experience, I’ve focused on Universal Credit from a landlords’ perspective and desinged the site to ensure you and your staff are fully equipped to deal with the challenges created by the expansion of the Full Service rollout. To date there are 1.4 million recipients and by December 2023, it’s anticipated a further 6 million claimants will transition.

Our primary aim is to ensure you can assist your tenants, especially those who need help, to maximise entitlement and avoid some of the hardship which is currently being experienced, as DWP struggles to cope with the complexity and ever-changing nature of this new benefit.

If you’re a Social or Private Landlord or Letting Agent, interested in becoming a member simply click the following link

We’re hoping you’ll find the time to have a good look around and be pleased with both the layout and content. You’ll find there’s loads of material, which should be of interest, as you to browse.

New library & Useful Links section, includes topics like:

a) Legislation (Acts & associated Regulations);
b) DWP’s “Decision Maker’s” guidance covering all the key areas of interest;
c) Standard Letters & forms (seeking revision, mandatory reconsiderations, appeals, complaints);
d) Tribunal caselaw, carefully selected and focused on critical issues like Direct Payments, Overpayments etc.
e) Copies of all new and historic updating Bulletins which we produce every time there’s a new piece of legislation or policy is introduced.
f) Policy in Practice have provided access to its UC Calculator & Budgeting tool.
g) The Useful Links section, now more prominent, is packed with content, Simply by clicking, directs you to a range of related matters;
h) Live link to my Twitter exchanges with DWP and other related agencies

If you decided to become a member we’ll continue to keep you updated on Universal Credit, LHA and any related Welfare Reform developments, through the site and our regular Bulletins. This will be especially important in the next 4 years, during which all “working age” legacy claimants (HB, IS, JSA, ESA, LHA etc.) transition to Universal Credit.

If you’re looking for specific information and can’t find it or would like to clarify something you’re unsure about, you can contact us direct by either phone, email or the “Ask an Expert”  section.

We welcome your feedback, plus any suggestions you may have which could improve the site layout, content or its effectiveness as a “One Stop” resource.

With your help, we aim to continue developing and improving the site to make it an indispensable resource for our members.

Bill Irvine
UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd