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DWP forced to backdate £3000 in housing costs to clear arrears!

Good morning DWP has just made a “backdated” award of £3000 in Universal Credit “Housing Costs” to a Housing Association client of mine, fully clearing off rent arrears, that had been accruing, since February 2018, when their tenant was wrongly advised, by DWP, to cancel his Universal Credit claim. DWP…

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SSAC report and commentary re challenges of Managed Migration!

Good afternoon The Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) have just published its annual report for 2018/19. A large part of the report, not surprisingly, focuses on the final phase of Universal Credit’s Managed Migration exercise – and explains, in detail, the various exchanges it’s had, with both DWP and Parliament…

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How to apply for an Advance Payment

Good morning If your tenant claims Universal Credit, they will not be paid any money until 5 weeks after they submit their claim, and will be paid monthly thereafter. They can ask for an advance payment of Universal Credit if they’re in financial hardship while they wait for their first…

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DWP reveal impact of rollout expansion in your area!

Good morning DWP has just issued its latest statistics on Universal Credit, covering, amongst other things, the numbers of claims and awards made so far, broken down, and including an analysis at regional and district level. The figures cover the period up to 11th July 2019 and can be found …

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Rent Arrears recoveries - Third Party Deductions!

Good morning You’ll find below, an exchange I’ve had with Neil Couling, DWP’s Director General, relating to the way DWP is currently mishandling the Third-Party Deductions (TPDs) scheme, especially as it relates to rent arrears recovery and levels of deductions being applied to some tenant awards. I wrote to DWP…

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