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A1/2018 - Uprating of War pensions circular

A1/2018: War Pensions uprating 2018/19…

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Wrong advice leading to tenants losing legacy claims!

Good afternoon As you know, by December 2018 all areas, UK wide will be offering Universal Credit’s digital or Full Service delivery. The move to Full Service will effectively bring all “legacy benefit” claims for people of “working age” to an end, by December 2023. Thankfully, the process of migration,…

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Full Service rollout statement causes confusion!

Good morning Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work & Pensions made a statement last week to the House of Commons relating to the Full Service rollout programme which appears to have been misunderstood. What she announced was a temporary slowdown in the rollout of the “Managed or forced migration”…

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DWP creates new process permitting access to Case Manager

Hi The RLA’s Policy Officer, Natalie Williamson issued the following news report last week highlighting DWP has, at long last, decided to permit you direct access to your tenant’s Case Manager, when you have concerns over mounting rent arrears and possible legal action for recovery. It’s hoped the new process will…

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