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Universal Credit - Housing Queries Routeway!

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DWP recently published the above-mentioned document, which is designed to provide, Social & Private landlords, with helpful information and points of contact, where queries exist, including dedicated phone numbers and email addresses, covering such things as:

Alternative Payment Arrangements Templates for use when you change your bank…
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Preparing for Managed Migration with Policy in Practice!

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I’ve been invited by Policy in Practice to participate in an event in London on 8th January 2020 which is focused on Managed Migration, Transitional Protection and the challenges, this last, and most critical stage of Universal Credit’s rollout, is likely to have on both claimants and their landlord organisations.

DWP estimate, between 15-25%…

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RSL tenant rejects DWP advice and is rewarded with £25,000 windfall!

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Recently, I have highlighted tenant case examples, where specialist RSL staff have helped tenants, successfully overcome obstacles, created by a DWP administration struggling to cope with the complexities, it’s created, in a benefits system, originally described as being “simplified, integrated & transformational”; it’s certainly, not fulfilling the hype,…

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