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Benefit related announcements - Chancellor's Spending Review!

Good morning

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his “Spending Review” in the House of Commons yesterday. The news, as I’m sure you anticipated, is not good on a number of fronts, some of which could adversely impact on tenants and your organisation, as the economy struggles to recover and Government debt…

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How to challenge DWP's intransigence over annual rent uprating fiasco!

Good afternoon

DWP continues to prevaricate on demands by SRS landlords, that it must act on notifications of ‘changes of circumstances’ that affect their tenants’ UC entitlement, and, in particular, their “housing costs element. Hard to believe, but we’re now 7 years and change into DWP’s administration of the Government’s…

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Two week run-on of legacy benefits for new Universal Credit claimants!

DWP’s “Touchbase” publication, dated 24th July, confirmed the introduction of a 2-week run-on payment, from 22nd July 2020 for those “Legacy” benefit claimants who “naturally” migrate to Universal Credit from JSA, ESA and Income Support. This payment is quite separate and in addition to the run-on of Housing Benefit, introduced…

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