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Benefits Cap - National Implementation programme

As you know, from my earlier bulletins, the Benefits Cap (limiting of Social Security household benefit awards to £350 or £500 per week, depending on household make-up) is designed to ensure workless households should no longer receive more in social security benefits than the average earnings of working households.

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Universal Credit - Super duper IT system revealed!

Universal Credit took it first hesitant steps yesterday in the Ashton-under-Lyne, Jobcentre Plus Pathfinder with the other three projects due to commence in July. The Pathfinders, as their name suggests, were designed to test out the preparedness of the DWP and Councils, and especially the super-duper, real-time, IT system, that…

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Universal Credit - Payments to Household

As I expected, my bulletins tend to produce queries on a number of fronts. One question which has arisen on a few occasions is: “How will we be able to pursue the tenant’s son or daughter if the “household” payment is made to them?”
The question is based on…

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Council Tax - Void period charges

Below you’ll find an exchange of e-mails involving Council Tax which you may find of interest.
Many English and Welsh councils anxious to raise new revenue streams have been sending out letters to RSLs suggesting they should be billed for council tax liability during tenancy void periods. A number…

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Bedroom Tax - Legal challenge proceeds for disabled tenants

Disabled tenants to fight bedroom tax in the High Court
A number of disabled tenants have been granted a judicial review hearing of the Government’s decision to cut housing benefits to people considered to be under-occupying.

The tenants in question are being represented by Leigh Day, Solicitors who have…

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