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Universal Credit - Annual Rent increase process fears!
My newsletter last week focused on the issue of “changes in circumstances” and how they would be treated differently under Universal Credit. Kevin Turnpenney, Head of Operations at Barnet Homes responded: “Bill, I write with reference to your recent newsletter, regarding the above issue. Aside from individual change in circumstances…
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Universal Credit - How to Claim and Appeal
Now that the Parliamentary recess has ended I expect you’ll start to see much more activity on the Welfare Reform front. Certainly, the DWP Press Office was tweeting away yesterday, no doubt trying to dampen down David Orr’s demands for the “Bedroom Tax” to be scrapped. Within a matter of…
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Bedroom Tax - Joint Tenants, the size crieria and sanctions
The Bedroom Tax is clearly focusing the minds of Social Landlord staff, throughout the UK as more stories emerge of appeal successes at tribunals and there’s mounting evidence of council housing benefit sections using Discretionary Housing Payments to disuade association tenants from pursuing their grievances to the Tribunal Service. A…
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Universal Credit Training
Hi, As we fast approach October 2013 and Universal Credit delivery is extended to another 6 Pathfinder sites, more and more associations are contacting us seeking to organise training for their frontline troops. Whilst that’s perfectly understandable, given all the DWP and Ministerial hype, about the “national roll-out”, I would…
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Benefits cap hits 2400!

“The champagne corks were flying yesterday in Whitehall as Ian Duncan Smith announced that the Benefit Cap has been successfully delivered in the 4 London Boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, Bromley and Croydon. In total, just over 2,400 households were capped by having their Housing Benefit reduced.

Bill extrapolated the key…

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Bedroom Tax - Judicial Review Fails

Judicial Review Appeal fails!

The BBC and Guardian have just announced that the Judicial Review (JR) attempt, pursued by a number of disabled families, has been unsuccessful. The JR involved ten families who wished to challenge the loss in their housing benefit due to the imposition of “Bedroom Tax” sanctions.

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