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Universal Credit & Housing Benefit - Ever-changing environment.
Hi, As we start the new year, Universal Credit delivery is being extended to another 6 Pathfinder sites. The “claimant commitment” and associated “benefit sanctions” are being rolled out to all 20,000 Job Centres, and are already creating major problems for both tenants and landlords alike. Making benefit claims, using digital services,…
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Bedroom Tax - Potential Loophole alert!
Hi, In recent weeks there has been much debate on welfare rights discussion forums about a potential “Bedroom Tax” loophole affecting tenancies created before 1st January 1996. Apparently, the case for challenge was first identified by a first-tier tribunal judge and has since been applied in other cases. DWP has…
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Housing Credit for Pensioners Delayed until 2017/18


In a bulletin to “stakeholder members” prompted by the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, the DWP have confirmed that the introduction of “Housing Credit” originally planned for October 2014 has been put “on hold” and will not be introduced until at least 2017/18. The announcement is not at all surprising as Ministers like…
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Bedroom Tax - When is a bedroom NOT a bedroom?

If you examine Twitter and the various Welfare Reform websites you’ll find there has been quite a bit of recent success achieved on the Tribunal front, by Social Landlord tenants. Much of the focus has been on Scotland in this regard and the decisions made by Judge Simon Collins QC. Although…

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Universal Credit - Direct Payment hints & Rent Arrears deductions

Inside Housing ran an article yesterday which caused a number of my clients to contact me seeking some clarification. The article was headed “Universal credit docked to recover rent arrears”.
You’ll find the article at:,1K1QY,7UMT62,5C35H,1

I’m sure you’re only too aware; the right to make “third party”…

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Benefits Cap hits 2400 households!

The champagne corks were flying yesterday in Whitehall as Ian Duncan Smith announced that the Benefit Cap has been successfully delivered in the 4 London Boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, Bromley and Croydon. In total, just over 2,400 households were capped by having their Housing Benefit reduced. I’ve extrapolated the key…

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