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Autumn budget changes affecting UC claimants!

Good afternoon

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced, in his autumn budget, several changes, which should benefit tenants, particularly those who work in low paid jobs, and are claiming benefits. However, he resisted demands to restore the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit, introduced in March 2020, as part of the…

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How to challenge Universal Credit overpayment demands!

Good morning

In May this year, one of my Housing Association clients contacted me, seeking assistance with three separate overpayment invoice demands, from DWP, collectively amounting to, circa £5000. Before contacting me, its Finance Manager decided to tackle the problem, by contacting DWP’s Debt Management team, who had sent the…

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Government changes to Under 35s - LHA rate exceptions!

Good morning

The Government, in its Spring 2021 budget, announced its intention to accelerate the introduction of advantageous changes to the under 35 exceptions, relating to the LHA rate, which will impact on both Local Housing Allowance and UC “housing costs” claimants.

The changes are focused on two groups:

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Universal Credit – annual rent charge update!

Good evening

Rather disappointedly, DWP has failed, for the 8th successive year, to fulfil previous commitments of delivering a “bulk upload” solution for Universal Credit reliant tenants of Social Landlords and continues to place the onus squarely on the shoulders of tenants to report any rent changes via their

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