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Notifying DWP of a change in your tenants' rental charge!

Good morning

An increasing number of my clients have been expressing concern about the ongoing fiasco, relating to the April rental charge, uprating exercise, which has contributed to some tenants failing to report the change in rent level to the DWP, in some cases creating under or over-payments. As DWP…

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DWP's latest Landlord Portal broken commitment!

Good morning

I’m sure, like me, you’ll not have been surprised by DWP’s latest update (24th April) on the promised, SRS Landlord Portal solution to the annual rent uprating exercise. Yet another delay and broken commitment!


DWP’s explanation – “the delivery of a process that meets your needs continues…

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DWP advice, decision making and appeals process scandal!


I’ve just responded to a First-tier Tribunal Judge’s, Directions Notice, on behalf of my Housing Association client and one of its disabled tenants. The tenant is of “working age” who was receiving ESA (IR), PIP and Housing Benefit, until February 2018, when he agreed to an exchange with another…

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Universal Credit Rent updating exercise - An update!


As you may already have gathered, the first stage of the Universal Credit, rent updating exercise, has not gone as well as hoped. I discovered this when several of my clients started emailing and phoning on Tuesday, having received, in some cases, 200+ demands for verification via their portals…

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