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Our 16th May 22 bulletin explained how DWP had resumed its programme of moving “legacy benefit” recipients onto Universal Credit and how it anticipated the migration process, of the remaining 2.6 million claimants, would complete by December 2024.

In September 22 we provided an update as more areas of England were added. Today, DWP has confirmed, that from April 23, it plans to invite solely Tax Credits claimants, and later, those, also claiming Employment Support Allowance and Housing Benefit, to make the move to Universal Credit. Each affected claimant will receive a Migration Notice, during the next year, giving them 3 months to submit their claim for Universal Credit.

As part of this process, each claimant will have their entitlement to Universal Credit compared to their legacy benefit award. Some will find they’re better off financially, while others, may lose. But where there’s potential financial loss, this should be covered by Transitional Protection (TP) as long as the claim is made within the deadlines set. Once awarded TP, will remain in payment until the claimant’s entitlement is eroded or wiped out by natural changes, e.g., increases in rent, earnings, unearned income, or people leaving/joining household or annual events, like benefits uprating.

DWP has set up a dedicated helpline, referred to in the Migration Notice. This will provide support for people making their Universal Credit claim, for the first time. Guidance will also be available online and via local jobcentres, where staff will be available if claimants make an appointment.

We currently offer a 2-3 hour training course focused on – “Move to Universal Credit and Transitional Protection” which includes, the following:

Course content:

  • What’s a migration notice; who will receive them; when is this likely to happen and how you can assist those tenants affected.
  • What’s meant by the terms ‘migration day’, ‘first & final deadlines’ and what will happen if tenants fail to comply timeously.
  • How to identify those tenants that will need your help and what you can to ensure seamless transference to UC.
  • How to ensure the correct rate of transitional protection and associated 2-week run-ons of IS, ESA, JSA and Housing Benefit are applied.
  • What steps can be taken to ensure vulnerable tenants are not overlooked and thus avoid benefit cancellations and lengthy gaps in entitlement.
  • Understand, how Transitional Protection can erode over time or sometimes be lost by simple changes in circumstance e.g., couples separating or partners stopping work.

If you’re interested in running this course, either in-house, face2face or via Zoom, please get in touch with Lynsey email .

Alternatively, you can contact me via email –  or by phone 07733 080 389 if you need advice on any Housing benefit or Universal Credit topic.


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