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Universal Credit - A train wreck gathering momentum?

Regular readers of this column may recall the article I wrote last December “Welfare Reforms – Wake-up Call” after my controversial workshops at the NLA’s conference inManchester, last November. I recounted one of the delegates commenting: “Your presentation this morning had the same effect as a doze of Prozac taken…

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Universal Credit and Non-Dependant Deductions: An update

In my recent article, Universal Credit and Non-Dependant Deductions, I highlighted the rising levels of contributions toward the rent that were expected from working grown-ups living with the claimant, normally sons and daughters, resulting in significant reductions in the Housing Benefit of their parent(s). I also drew attention to a…

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Welfare Reform: The Impact of Universal Credit

Ask any landlord, whether they are a Local Authority housing department, a Housing Association (HA) or a private residential landlord, as to which of the housing related changes in the Welfare Reform package they fear most and the answer will invariable be the redirection of the money, designed to meet…

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Universal Credit and Non-Dependant Deductions

When the Coalition Government came to power in 2010 it immediately declared that its number one priority was to reduce the national debt and this was reflected in the first budget of the new Chancellor, George Osborne, a few months later. Welfare Benefits in general and Housing Benefit in particular…

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Welfare Reforms - All Change for LHA

One of the key changes announced in Chancellor George Osborne’s Emergency Budget on taking office in 2010 has only recently been implemented yet its impact has already started to be felt in the private rented sector. From April 2012 Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates, that form of Housing Benefit paid…

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Welfare Reform - Wake-Up Call! (Housing Scotland)

In recent weeks my attention has been drawn to the increased media interest, and associated Ministerial statements, relating to the Welfare Reforms agenda, currently being debated by “Your Noble Lords”, at Report Stage. Even the clergy sense something is seriously amiss with the Coalition Government’s proposals. To continue reading, click…

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Welfare Reform - Wake-Up Call! (YPN)

As I write, I’m travelling north on the Pennine Express having delivered a couple of workshops at the National Landlords Conference which this year took place in Manchester. The conference organisers had given me a blank canvass and up until a few days before, my intention had been to concentrate…

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