As of today, 15th July 2015, a new e-mail facility is available allowing Social Landlords to make Alternative Payment Arrangement (APAs) applications, in respect of Universal Credit.


DWP introducing the new approach said:

“We are committed to making UC work for landlords as well as claimants. As a result of a recent successful trial, we are introducing an email channel for the submission of APA applications. The trial delivered excellent results in terms of reduced processing times and those landlords who took part in the trial have been very positive in their feedback”. 


Social landlord staff need to be aware that there are 2 forms available to submit APA applications via email. The first, UC47 secure attached, is for landlords using a secure email channel.


Please note, that if a ‘UC47 e-secure’ form is received via any other channel than GSI.GOV.UK, GCSX.GOV.UK, GSX.GOV.UK, CJX.GOV.UK, CJSM.NET, GSE.GOV.UK or PNN.GOV.UK it will not be processed.

If you don’t currently have access to these email channels then you must use the form (UC47 – INsecure) attached. This form only allows you to put in the most basic of information. DWP have said “this is to minimise the risk of sensitive claimant information being intercepted”. This will also cause delays in the processing as DWP will have to phone you to secure the necessary information, so best avoided if possible.

You’ll also find here a revised coded version of the APA criteria which when completing the relevant form, use the coded numbers to help identify the grounds on which you’re basing the APA request. This will make the process much more transparent and simpler all round. If you’re applying on the grounds of “vulnerability” you’ll still need to submit supporting “third party” evidence. Whereas, with applications based on rent arrears, past non payment delinquency, you’ll need to attach your usual rent statement showing the level of debt etc.

Once the form and relevant associated documents are ready, it should be sent, via e-mail to;

Postal Arrangements

The existing postal process will continue to be available alongside the email channel option. You can also use the new E-SECURE form when sending by post.

Further Information

DWP has also provided a telephone number 0345 266 0041 to use if you encounter any difficulty implementing the new arrangements. The line  will be available Monday to Friday 10-12noon and 2-4pm. To avoid high volumes between 10am and 2pm DWP encourage you to stagger your calls across the two periods. Under no circumstances should this number be given to claimants/tenants.

Additionally, DWP ask “please do not send anything other than APA request forms to the email inbox”. All related queries should be made via the telephone number provided”.

This clearly represents, yet another step in the right direction by DWP, as far as Universal Credit administration is concerned. I would encourage you to circulate this information urgently to your relevant staff, so that they can embrace the new arrangements without delay.

If you need further clarification on any part of this new process, please do not hesitate to contact me or 07733 080 389 or, if you prefer the DWP, using the number mentioned above.

Bill Irvine

UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd