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Just before you break for the Easter holiday, you’ll be pleased to learn, that earlier today, Esther McVey, Work and Pensions Secretary of State, announced, government plans to amend Universal Credit regulations to restore entitlement to “housing costs” within Universal Credit for 18-21-year olds. This U-turn will undoubtedly come as a surprise to many, given the right to housing costs was only withdrawn last year, despite the many objections from the sector.

Entitlement, however, will be conditional on each “young person” participating in the “Youth Obligation” which will involve – “young people receiving comprehensive and intensive work-focussed support, whether they are ‘learning’ or ‘earning’ as they set off into adulthood. They will also be assured that if they secure a tenancy they will be entitled to receive support towards their housing costs in the normal way.”

Nevertheless, the news will be warmly welcomed by young people, housing providers and those voluntary organisations & charities involved in supporting young adults.

CPAG’s Chief Executive, Alison Garnham said – “This is brilliant news, as the statistics show that those young people claiming housing benefit are doing so because they don’t have a choice about whether to live at home,”.

The DWP statement can be found here:

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