Can’t stay, Can’t go! is the title of a really well crafted and interesting report by Grand Union Housing Group, which is focused on the impact of the Bedroom Tax on its various subsidaries, following 6 months of operation, in the different geographic areas of it property interests.
Unlike some reports I’ve read recently, covering the same topic, this is an easy read, due to the report’s attractive layout and use of illustrative examples, case studies, combined with some carefully selected and really quite interesting statistics.
As an example, on the rent arrears front, it reports:
a) Arrears across all tenancies had risen by 3.56%;
b) In those affected by the Bedroom Tax by 22.47%
c) And in the case of b) the combined rent account position of tenants affected moved from a credit balance of £8K to a debit of £10.7K – a turn around of 233% in the six month period, despite many of the tenants securing help via Discretionary Housing Payments.
The report concludes “Despite the extra resources we have invested in helping our customers deal with the Bedroom Tax, we at GUHG remain highly concerned. The impact on some of our tenants is huge, affecting their ability to feed themselves properly, heat their home significantly, and ultimately keep a roof over their heads”. uI
I have attached a copy of the report as a PDF. Alternatively, if you’re a member you can access via a link I’ve created in the “bulletins” section of the new website.
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