Just when we thought we were seeing a semblance of normality returning to our work environment, storm clouds return, in the form of more regional restrictions, combined with a failing economy, that, if the forecasters are right, could create a 10% unemployment rate, with the possibility of another 2-4 million claiming Universal Credit.

Given the numbers currently claiming Universal Credit, doubled to 6 million between March – July 2020 and DWP’s staff is mostly operating remotely, utilising temporary IT and telephony systems, there’s every likelihood, the first 6 months of 2021 will be, if anything, more challenging for tenants and those SRS staff already struggling to meet an ever-increasing demand for assistance from tenants affected.

In response to requests from Housing & Income Managers, I’ve created two new courses, which can be delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and will be available from January 2021.

Details of each course can be found in the undernoted links:

  1. Introduction to Universal Credit for new & inexperienced staff 
  2. Universal Credit operating under COVID restrictions and how to tackle areas of the scheme likely to cause rent arrears 

I have also created, a 1-hour Q & A style, briefing session for Management & Board Members. Rather than produce a programme, I prefer to develop these sessions to address the specific issues & concerns of the organisation itself.

As I’ve explained in the programme, I try and make the sessions as interactive as possible. To achieve this objective, I prefer to keep numbers to a maximum of 10-12.

If you’re interested in any of these sessions or in arranging, something more bespoke to your requirements, please either complete the online application or email bill@ucadvice.co.uk or telephone 07733 080 389.

I hope you find this of interest.


Bill Irvine
UC Advice & Advocacy Ltd
Phone 01698 424301 or 07733 080 389