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I’ve been invited by Policy in Practice to participate in an event in London on 8th January 2020 which is focused on Managed Migration, Transitional Protection and the challenges, this last, and most critical stage of Universal Credit’s rollout, is likely to have on both claimants and their landlord organisations.

DWP estimate, between 15-25% of “working age” claimants, in your caseload, have already transferred to Universal Credit via Natural Migration (2.3 million to September 2019) and anticipate another circa 5 million will migrate in the next 3-4 years, multiplying most SRS landlords’ caseloads by 3-fold, at least. It’s also expected that those transitioning will, in general, be more complex, than many of the single person households which migrated in the earlier phases.

The process has already started in Harrogate and should be expanded to all postal districts from autumn 2020.  Delegates will hear directly from one of the Harrogate participants what’s expected.

Of those claimants migrating, DWP anticipates 40-60% will be worse off, although their loss should be offset by a Transitional Protection payment, covering the shortfall between their total legacy awards and UC entitlement.

However, the Managed Migration process involves the need for “new online claims” to be completed, within specified deadlines, which could, in some cases, lead to some tenants “legacy claims” being ended with no UC replacement or gaps in entitlements, and NO Transitional Payments. The session will focus on how SRS staff, can identify the key risk groups, prepare and support tenants, to ensure they claim on time and avoid, as much you can, the most vulnerable tenants losing out in the process.

We’re expecting the event will attract considerable interest from the SRS sector, in particular, so if you’re interested in attending, act now.

To view the event details, including costs, venue, programme, click the link

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