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Tackling problems associated with tenants' migration to Universal Credit!

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Universal Credit’s rollout is expanding at the rate of 100-130,000 new cases each month. DWP plans to start Managed Migration (MM) around November 2020, adding a further 2 million to its current caseload. DWP expects 40% of these cases could potentially lose out in the process. Transitional Protection will be available to offset losses, but the scheme’s eligibility and calculation rules are complicated and could easily be overlooked or misapplied by a DWP administration that’s track record, so far, has been extremely poor and non-responsive.

This workshop, has been designed for staff who already have an understanding of how UC operates and will prepare them for the many challenges these changes will bring, as the numbers of claims and their complexity escalate 3-fold, over the next 4 years.

Universal Credit Workshop - Issues relating to Migration of claims!


9.45 Registration

10.00 Expansion of Natural & Managed Migration & Next stages

*MM Notice timetable; *TP eligibility; *Ending of TP

11.15 Coffee/Tea break

11.30  Why do 20% of all initial claims fail and what can you do to help tenants overcome suspensions & cancellations

*Challenging suspensions & cancellations to protect tenant and rentla income

12.00 Untidy tenancies

*Transferring liability; *Assuming liability – sample letter/email

12.30 Lunch break

1.15 Changes in Circumstances

*Effective date of change increasing/reducing award;*Impact of late notifications; *How to retrieve potentially adverse situations and avoid penalties, icluding some sample letters/emails.

2.00 April 2020 Rent Increase arrangements

*Portal cases; *SRS letter types; Right to notify as a landlord; Tenant’s right to challenge DWP and some sample letters/emails

2.30 Coffee/Tea

2.45 Third Party Deductions

*DWP’s 30% ceiling; application of priority debts and TPD hierachy

3.00 Challenging Flawed decisions

*How to request a review of an award; Mandatory Reconsideration; Appeal, including some sample letters/emails

3.30/4pm Close

Who should attend?

Any member of staff who provides advice & support to tenants at pre-tenancy or during the recovery of rent arrears process or engaged to provide benefits advice & advocacy.

Bill Irvine

Ex Local Government Advisor on Housing Benefit; Head of Benefits, Revenues & Advice Services; Welfare Rights Advocate; Tribunal Representative, CIH & RLA trainer.