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Residential Landlord Courses

Universal Credit ‘Full Service’ is now operating in all UK areas. In the short term (between now & July, 2020) this means, tenants who experience a change in their circumstances (e.g. become unemployed, sick, move house, make a claim as a couple or separate and make a new claim) will make an online claim for Universal Credit and, thereafter, manage their claim (changes in circumstances) online. The claim will include an element to cover, in part or whole, their “housing costs” as part of a monthly payment, paid monthly in arrears.

Starting July 2020, tenants that haven’t experienced a change in circumstances, will receive a “Migration Notice” from DWP specifying when they need to claim Universal Credit. By December 2023 DWP anticipate all 7 million “working age” claimants will be claiming Universal Credit.

The following course has been designed specifically for Private Landlords and Letting Agents and should help you mitigate the potential harmful effect on tenants transitioning to Universal Credit. It is suitable for:

  • Any landlord/agent who accommodate tenants, reliant at least to some extent on claiming assistance from Universal Credit
  • Landlords/agents who have not previously accepted tenants in receipt of benefit payments but discover through redundancy, sickness, accident, one of their tenants becomes a claimant
  • New landlords and or agents considering accepting tenants in receipt of benefit payments.


  • Which of your tenants will be expected to claim UC Full Service first?
  • How to make and maintain an online claim – and deal with defective claims, verification of income, changes in circumstances, suspensions etc.
  • How the “Housing Costs Element” (HCE) should be calculated
  • How landlords can access direct payment of the Housing Costs and repayment of arrears caused by tenant delinquency
  • UC Overpayments – How to challenge DWP attempts at recovery from you & your tenant’s ongoing award – use of standard letters, processes
  • How to challenge DWP decisions – seeking a revision, “late revision” Mandatory Reconsideration” and Appeal. A number of examples and draft letters will be used to illustrate how both your tenant & you can challenge DWP attempts at recovery
  • How to complain to DWP and Independent Case Examiner – case examples, standard letters used to illustrate how to pursue compensation for any rental losses you encounter.